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        Project Paintbrush was created to assist Lethbridge seniors and special needs residents who are physically and financially

        unable to paint their fences or the exteriors of their homes.  Each summer individuals, community groups, and corporate

        employees  volunteer their time to paint homes and fences in our community.  We look forward to another great summer in 2013! 

        This year Project Paintbrush is celebrating its 10th year!  Be part of this great program and make a difference in the community!


        Year                       Number of Projects Completed

        2004                                        2

        2005                                        5

        2006                                        7

        2007                                        4

        2008                                        5

        2009                                        9

        2010                                        8

        2011                                      10

        2012                                      11



        Thank you to the generous volunteers and corporate sponsors!


        For information on how you can become involved as a volunteer or as a homeowner please call 403-320-2044 or e-mail




       Click on this link if you would like to have your home, fence or garage painted in 2013:



       Fill out the application form and send it to:    Suite 200 Deveta Place

                                                                                   410 Stafford Drive South       or         fax the form to:  403-320-2046

                                                                                   Lethbridge, AB  T1J 2L2


                           Thanks to all our amazing volunteers & sponsors!

Scotiabank was great this year

1st Choice Savings after

a job well done

Excellent job by

Pratt & Whitney

Trace Associates with a Fine Job

St. John Ambluence sure knows how to paint a good looking fence

Servus Credit Union gives back to the community

Look what the University of Lethbridge group did

Thanks to the ULSU for their great work

Individual volunteers who support Project Paintbrush are awesome



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